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Criminal Lawyer in Orangeville – Get Excellent and Affordable Legal Defence

When it comes to providing you with criminal defence against a multitude of charges including, sexual assault, family disputes, youth allegations, domestic assault, impaired driving, drugs and other accusations, we at Batish Law believe in doing things a bit differently. Our criminal lawyers in Orangeville are fully qualified and trained to firmly stand for your rights.

It is the part of our core values to take an upright approach to litigation and legal counsel. In offering representation, guidance and advice, our superior lawyers aim to act as a bridge which safely takes you all through the legal battle. Call us now for a free consultation.

Respected Family Lawyer in Orangeville Team at Your Service

We feel proud to say that Batish Law is recognized as one of the most trusted and reliable legal firms in Orangeville and surrounding area. Our team of the very best family lawyers in Orangeville is fully committed to resolve all of your familial legal disputes by capitalizing on our tons of experience and delicately honed skills.

When you reach out to us at Batish Law, our qualified team explores your problems and looks at the bigger picture. Once completing discussions with you and analyzing the whole situation, we come up with practical and affordable solutions. We have attorneys with diverse specializations who are capable to meet all of your legal needs.

Experienced Impaired Driving Lawyer in Orangeville

Are you hunting for an impaired driving lawyer in Orangeville? Your search for a dependable legal counsel ends here at Batish Law. If impaired driving charges have been laid against you, it does not necessarily mean that you are going to get convicted.

At Batish Law, we have devised solid strategies for defending alcohol and drugs related driving allegations. Collectively, our excellent crew of lawyers has successfully defended countless charges of impaired driving. We urge you to call us to get an appointment and meet our topnotch attorneys to prepare a strong defence for your case.

Contact Our Skilled Child Custody Lawyer in Orangeville Now!

Any individual who is from 12-17 years old and got charged with any criminal offense is prosecuted under the YCJA (Youth Criminal Justice Act). The YCJA has established a variety of legal procedures that are designed to assist throughout for accountability, rehabilitation, as well as reintegration of the accused

If you are a legal guardian or parent of a juvenile who is accused of criminal charges, it is of utmost importance for you to get the skilled legal counsel without wasting a single second. Our youth criminal lawyers in Newmarket team at Batish Law, has specialization in pursing the strategies and processes of the YCJA to ensure your child’s freedom and bright future.

Contact Our Skilled Child Custody Lawyer in Orangeville Now!

If you and your partner have decided to get a separation or a divorce, the most imperative decision that both of you have to make is about your children’s future. Questions like who is going to keep the children and who will provide the child support are most likely to surface. It means working with your partner and their counsel to ensure minimal possible suffering possible in this hard phase.

In such scenarios, we at Batish Law are available 24/7 to help you out. Our child custody lawyers in Orangeville boast a broad experience to tactfully handle these sensitive cases, while we ensure that your rights are always protected.

Resourceful Youth Criminal Lawyer in Orangeville

In the Canadian system of criminal justice, young individuals are treated rather differently. Juveniles lack the judgment and experience of adults, and are more prone to inadvertently committing silly mistakes. From the point of investigation to the moment when they get arrested, young people are handled according to the special rules both by the law enforcement agencies and courts.

At Batish law, our youth criminal lawyer in Orangeville division knows the privileges the law grants to your young loved ones who got charged with any criminal offense. You can always count on us as we are capable of making the most out of those exclusive rights to get your child out of the legal conflicts safe and sound.

Your Preferred Drug lawyer in Orangeville

A large part of Criminal law is occupied by drug offences, and they are usually intertwined with other intricate sections of the Criminal Code of Canada, which often cover facets like gangs, guns, search warrants and extraditions. To defend your drug accusations successfully, it is vital that you hire and retain a team of qualified drug lawyers in Orangeville, which have extensive experience in tackling drugs and related offenses.

After practicing criminal law for years, our drug defence attorneys at Batish Law have developed the unique capability to rapidly adapt the ever-changing situation of the case at hand. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have been charged with drugs trafficking, possession or scheme to commit any drug crime.

Excellent Domestic Assault Lawyer in Orangeville

Any sort of threatening behavior or violent assault taken place between the romantic partners or family members is viewed as domestic assault according to the Canadian Criminal Code. At times, even a trivial incident can lead to severe charges with harsh upshots. Therefore, such allegations should always be pursued vigilantly.

Due to the intense emotions and complex family dynamics, domestic assault charges should only be handled by attorneys who possess certain skills. That is what makes our domestic assault lawyers in Orangeville at Batish Law perfect to fight domestic violence cases. Our legal experts have broad exposure of family law, and we are always at your disposal to aid you in such matters.

Easily Accessible Professional Divorce lawyer in Orangeville

If you have decided to get a divorce, we believe that the procedure must not be that difficult. After all, it is your basic right to choose or leave anyone you want to protect your interests and wellbeing. But unfortunately getting divorce and separation is always not that easy, since a lot of complications originate that you might have never dreamt of.

There is no need to stress, as you are lucky to have the services of our fantastic divorce lawyers in Orangeville at Batish Law. The goal of our law firm is to assist our clients in getting swift and affordable justice. Contact us to save yourself precious money and time.

Trusted Sexual Assault lawyer in Orangeville

When your professional and personal reputation is at stake, it would be wise to make every moment count. The mere accusation of sexual assault can taint your persona, let alone the repercussions you might have to tackle as a result of conviction. If you are facing sexual assault charges, you must never take any risk and let the professional sexual assault lawyers in Orangeville take up these matters.

Our lawyers at Batish Law have the skills and experience to carry out a wide range of cross examination strategies, powerful negotiation techniques. In the past, we have successfully defended all kinds of charges related to sexual assault. Drop us a line to set up a free consultation to discuss your case.


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