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Service Oriented Criminal Lawyer in Newmarket

Well respected and experienced, Batish Law is one of the qualified legal firms that is offering its incredible services in Newmarket and surrounding areas for years now. Each and every criminal lawyer in Newmarket who is associated with our firm is known for their advanced levels of skills, understanding and compassion.

From the beginning to the desired conclusion, our lawyers are equipped with the right knowledge and strategies to orchestrate the impenetrable defence for you. Do not feel any kind of hesitation if you are facing, sexual assault, domestic assault, impaired driving, drugs or any other criminal allegations. Call us now to discuss your situation with us, so that we can start paving your road to freedom and victory straight away.

Experienced Family Lawyer in Newmarket for You

When any family member lodges a family law case against you, it is your absolute right to reciprocate by hiring a highly experienced family lawyer in Newmarket to secure your rights. When you are fighting a legal family battle, it is vital to get an ally who can provide you with the accurate information regarding the feasible options and safeguard your interests.

We at Batish Law will do our level best to steer you through this stressful and tough situation in a respectable and efficient manner. The highly experienced and qualified team of lawyers we have will give you all the required resources for the development and pursuance of a knowledgeable and strategic approach.

Competent Impaired Driving Lawyer in Newmarket

Right from the outset of Batish Law, we have continuously assisted numerous clients who got charged with impaired driving offences, and helped them attain the desired results. It does not matter what police says, you are absolutely innocent until a judge says otherwise. By employing years of experience and vast knowledge, our impaired driving lawyers in Newmarket will make sure that you get only favorable results.

Your defence begins the minute you get in touch with us. The first step we take is to listen to your side of the story and all raw facts in order to learn what actually happened. After that, our qualified team of lawyers will sit down with you and develop a rock-solid defence strategy.

Skilled and Qualified Youth Criminal Lawyer in Newmarket

Any individual who is from 12-17 years old and got charged with any criminal offense is prosecuted under the YCJA (Youth Criminal Justice Act). The YCJA has established a variety of legal procedures that are designed to assist throughout for accountability, rehabilitation, as well as reintegration of the accused

If you are a legal guardian or parent of a juvenile who is accused of criminal charges, it is of utmost importance for you to get the skilled legal counsel without wasting a single second. Our youth criminal lawyers in Newmarket team at Batish Law, has specialization in pursing the strategies and processes of the YCJA to ensure your child’s freedom and bright future.

Drug Lawyer in Newmarket – Your Remarkable Legal Partner

Charges related to drugs have severe ramifications in Canada, which can negatively affect your whole life. Have you been accused of any narcotics offence or drug crime? Now is the time to hire the excellent criminal defence services of highly experienced drug lawyer in Newmarket, at Batish Law.

It is crucial that in such cases you cannot afford to waste any time. This is because prosecutors aggressively start litigations and in the absence of a dependable legal counsel by your side, you might end up facing a harsh sentencing. Call us now to work out effective defence plans and strategies for your case.

Reputable Divorce Lawyer in Newmarket

It is naturally a sad and taxing phase when it becomes hard for you to keep your marriage intact. At Batish Law, our divorce lawyer in Newmarket always strive to strongly advocate on the behalf of our clients, while giving you the practical and rational advice to triumph over any deadlock that might come up in the negotiations between you and your partner.

We understand and respect your decision to part ways with your spouse. When you hire our services, our lawyers make the most out of their experience and knowledge to get you through this procedure quickly, while protecting your rights and interests.

Compassionate Domestic Assault Lawyer in Newmarket

Domestic assaults take place amongst two or more individuals who are dating, who are common law partners, married or have any kind of other familial relationship. When such assaults are reported, law enforcement agencies often intervene by making arrests and keeping the alleged person(s) away from the complainant.

At Batish Law, our knowledgeable domestic assault lawyer in Newmarket knows that the allegations of domestic assault are treated very seriously, and are not likely to be played down as a simple misunderstanding. If you or anybody close to you is charged with this offence, it is imperative to seek our experienced legal counsel immediately.

Experienced Child Custody lawyer in Newmarket

After getting divorced or separated from your partner, the clash of who is going to keep the children begins. Naturally both parents want to stay close to their children, and it often leads to legal battles. When these battles reach court, it becomes crucial to get the services of a well-versed child custody lawyer in Newmarket who has the aptitude and expertise of fighting cases of this nature.

At Batish Law, we understand the sensitivity of the situation when your children are involved. To avoid any undesired outcome, we recommend you to get in touch with our office and schedule a free consultation with our outstanding lawyers.

Defend Yourself by Hiring an Experienced Sexual Assault lawyer in Newmarket

Being a highly acknowledged sexual assault lawyer in Newmarket, our qualified lawyers are well aware of the gravity of charges like sexual assault. Such allegations can affect your family, employment and global traveling privileges. If you or any of your loved one gets investigated regarding sexual assault or get charged with this offence, you must find someone who can adeptly represent you in the cour

We at Batish Law have been providing ideal legal advice to our clients who encountered sexual assault allegations, since the start of our firm. The success rate of our cases over the last few years clearly depicts our aptitude. Call us now to set up a free consultation to find out how our lawyers can assist you.


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