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Mischief (Mischief under $5000 and Mischief over $5000)

A mischief charge is no laughing matter. A conviction for criminal mischief can potentially carry significant penalties. It is also something that you do not want on your record for future background checks when applying for jobs, positions or volunteer work. Depending on the circumstances, people may be charged with mischief under $5000 or mischief over $5000. Regardless of the charge you are facing, you need a top criminal defense lawyer working to ensure your rights are protected. Our firm will advocate for you from day one – working hard to get charges dropped and helping you through the entire legal process.

If you’ve been charged with mischief and find yourself in need of a criminal lawyer in Brampton, Mississauga or other location in the GTA, Batish Law is ready to help you. Our top criminal defense lawyers understand all types of mischief charges and have strong backgrounds defending clients who have been charged with this offense.



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