Marriage Contracts

In many cases, signing a pre-marriage contract or prenuptial agreement may make real sense for a couple who are planning to be married. The Family Law Act is very clear about obligations to one another in terms of asset distribution following a separation, and for some couples, it may make sense for one partner or the other to take measures to protect assets accumulated prior to marriage or those that are expected afterwards.

If you are thinking about having a marriage contract drafted, you need a top family lawyer who understands the nature of the Family Law Act and who can work to protect your assets through marriage and any eventuality. In many ways, a marriage contract makes a much sense as a will. We cannot always know what the future will hold, and the best path forward is always the path that protects your interests and prevents legal interference in your life plan and future wishes.

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Batish Law has a team of top family lawyers who are extremely adept at drafting marriage contracts and cohabitation agreements for clients. We have drafted hundreds of these documents for clients in Brampton and the surrounding area. We can help make sure that everything you have worked so hard for is protected and safe in the event of an unexpected change that occurs in the future.

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