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We understand the emotional strain of processing a divorce or separation. Experiencing a divorce is one of the most stressful and traumatic experiences one can go through. With high-stakes issues ranging from property division to child support, it can be easy to start feeling overwhelmed by the entire process. This is why our firms’ top family lawyers help you manage the additional stress of going through the legal system.
At Batish Law, we make sure you are represented by a lawyer who is experienced, skilled enough to protect your rights. Through our extensive experience as a family lawyer, we understand the pressure, anxiety, and distress that come along with a divorce. These issues may involve dealing with the complications of child custody and access, division of marital property and equalization, obligation or entitlement to receive/pay support, deciding upon a parenting plan, and various other unique challenges that emerge due to the breakdown of a marriage.

Resolve Legal Family Issues with an Experienced Family Lawyer

There are multiple ways to resolve a family law dispute, including mediation, arbitration, negotiation and litigation. The chosen process will be based on your wishes and the necessities of the case. The degree of conflict and complexity varies for each client; however, we make it a point to customize each legal strategy according to your unique legal, financial and emotional needs.

Our family lawyers in Brampton provide legal aid services related to child custody, divorce, separation, child support, property division, child protection, spousal support, and visitation rights issues. We aim to represent our clients as one of the best law firms in Brampton, and our goal is to resolve your family law matters as efficiently and quickly as possible. Whether we are advocating for a disputed issue between parties or negotiating a settlement, our sole focus is fighting for your interest.

Allow Batish Law to Simply the Separation and Divorce Process

Most relationships are complicated and vulnerable. With a soured relationship threatening the existence of your peace, our family lawyers help you in navigating the legal system in a cost-effective and professional manner. Through resolving issues as efficiently as possible, we empower you to move on from your troubles and get your life back to normal. Thus, don’t let your partner force you into settling for an inappropriate and unjustifiable agreement, instead consult our legal services for ensuring your rights are properly presented.

A judge uses a legal test called the ‘best interests of the child’ to form decisions about access, custody and parenting. Hence, if you’re not satisfied with a legal judgment about child custody or visitation rights, you can have our top family lawyers contest your rights in court. Our lawyers have the relevant experience in putting forth your side of the narrative and safeguarding your interest. Our free consultation can help you proceed with your divorce in a hassle-free manner, as our professionals have dealt with various family law cases.

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