Family Law

Marriage is a major step in life that requires careful planning and preparation. Sometimes people fail to recognize the financial implications of combining their assets and future earnings in marriage. Divorce, separation and asset division are also major life events that also require careful consideration and planning. Each major event like this in your life usually requires an excellent family lawyer who can help ensure a positive and secure outcome. When children are involved, separation agreements, child custody arrangements and spousal support payments are also major considerations that require the assistance of a top family lawyer who will look out for your best interests.

Every family is unique, and no situation is ever the same. Whether you need Brampton family lawyer, a family lawyer in Mississauga or a divorce lawyer anywhere in the GTA, Batish Law is ready to provide you with the advocacy and professional counsel you really deserve. Batish Law has become synonymous with family law because we understand how to protect our clients’ interests and ensure they receive a fair and equitable outcome from family court.

Experiencing a divorce can be a very difficult process. You need a top divorce lawyer looking out for you. The emotions of divorce can cloud judgment and cause extreme stress. A Batish Law divorce lawyer will cut through the legalese and explain things to you in a transparent and clear way. Communication and advocacy are a part of our firm’s vision – and we help people dealing with divorce in Brampton, Mississauga and across the GTA every single day.

Don’t allow a divorce process to be any harder than it must be. Our objective is to help you move forward with your life and get past this difficult time. We offer comprehensive services and advocacy for divorce, separation, child custody, spousal support and all areas of family law. Our reputation has allowed us to become one of the top family law firms in the GTA, and our mission is to continue this tradition of quality and professionalism well-into the future.

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