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I contacted Batish Law after my estranged wife stopped letting me visit my daughter and son and threatened to keep me out of their lives. An amazing family lawyer in Brampton was able to secure me access to my children one day a week and eventually we were able to settle on joint custody. I can’t thank Batish Law enough for the work they did for me. I felt so powerless through all these proceedings and Batish Law really helped me to understand the process and what to expect. I would recommend Batish Law to any father who is struggling to get access to his children.
Custody and Access to Children
Nadir – Brampton
I am a single mother of 3 kids, and I have only been able to find part-time work. My ex-husband said he was going to help with the bills after we separated, but the next thing I knew he was running around with another woman and he rarely even visited the boys, let alone send any money. I contacted Batish Law and they were able to secure regular child support payments and force my ex-husband to make them on time. They really are a great law firm and I have only good things to say about my experience with them. If you are living in Brampton and need help with child support payments, I would recommend calling Batish Law.
Child Support
Karen – Brampton
My husband and I wanted to separate amicably and avoid the high costs and tension of a divorce fight. I used Batish Law to advocate my concerns during our division of property and we were able to sell our house in Mississauga and divide the proceeds amicably. We were also able to amicably divide our assets in a way that was fair and that both of us agreed with. I have heard horror stories about dividing assets from my divorced friends, and I really have to say that my experience with Batish Law was anything but! Moreover, divorce and settlement can be a really hard time, but I felt safe and secure when dealing with my lawyer. He really guided me through the whole process, and I always I knew Batish Law had my back and was looking out for me. Thank you.
Division of Property
Chin – Markham
I was entitled to receive 50% of the proceeds from the sale of our family home following my divorce. It took more than 1 year to sell the house, but 6 months later I had received nothing from my ex-husband (whose name was on the house title). After months of pleading with him to send the money, I had no choice but to contact a lawyer. The first lawyer I went to said that litigation costs would probably exceed the proceeds I could expect to gain from the sale. Then I contact Batish Law, and they litigated the matter efficiently and – following the fees – I still received a considerable amount of money. My children and I are very grateful for the hard work done on our behalf by Batish Law.
Susan – Mississauga
My fiancé was living in a condo she purchased in 2014 that had experienced a significant price decline. There were many problems and the development was never finished. After paying nearly $400,000 for the condo, my fiancé was told he could only expect to sell for $250,000. He was underwater, but we still wanted to move forth with our marriage. A top family lawyer at Batish Law in Brampton was able to draft a marriage contract that isolated me from my fiancé’s liabilities. We were married and eventually my fiancé was forced to declare bankruptcy, but my assets were protected. I would recommend this firm to anyone who is looking to protect their interests prior to getting married or cohabitating.
Marriage Contracts and Prenuptial/Cohabitation Agreements
Bonnie – Vaughn
My husband and I were separating after 20 years of marriage. I was receiving all kinds of threatening letters from my husband’s lawyer and my husband was saying that he could drag out the divorce proceedings so long that I would be forced to accept any terms he wanted. I was scared and living in a small apartment in Brampton. One of my friends had a good experience with Batish Law and recommended that I call them for advice. I ended up retaining their services and they expedited the divorce process and the threatening letters stopped almost at once. It was so nice to know I had an experienced local lawyer working for me. The entire process was really draining, but my experience with Batish Law was the only bright spot. Thank you for protecting me.
Separation and Divorce
Mariah – Brampton
I had real concerns after filing for divorce from my husband due to his abusive nature and infidelity. I had given up my career to raise our two children and been without an income for nearly 13 years. An amazing lawyer from Batish Law in Brampton was able to secure spousal support payments that allowed me to ensure that my kids and I were able to maintain our quality of life. It was a very difficult time for me, and I am always going to be thankful to my lawyer at Batish Law for helping to bring things to a fair conclusion.
Spousal Support
Sara – St. Catherines