When a separation occurs, couples sometimes struggle to come to an amical arrangement with regards to their children and who will have custody. The end of a marriage shouldn’t mean that children get caught in the middle. We have a team of highly-trained and expert family lawyers ready to help you with your child custody issues. Batish Law’s family lawyers in Brampton and surrounding areas have secured countless child custody agreements that allow the children to thrive and our clients to move forward. We can help you address any concerns like who will have custody after separation, where the children will live during separation and how to mitigate unwanted stress on children during the divorce and separation process.

As a top family law firm, Batish Law’s priorities are always focused on ensuring your rights are protected and the interests of your children come first. We are always ready to assist you through the challenging process of determining child custody. We can provide strong legal strategies that help to make sure you receive the best outcome possible.

Batish Law’s Brampton family lawyers can help you come up with a quality custody strategy that places your concerns at the forefront and the interests of your children first.

We are one of the top family law firms in the Greater Toronto Area because we handle issues like child custody for our clients every single day with professionalism, strength and determination.

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