Dependable Criminal Lawyer in Brampton

When it comes to encountering criminal prosecution, you will always find Batish Law by your side. We will vigorously provide protection to your rights by constantly staying in touch with you all throughout the process.

Our team of experienced criminal lawyers in Brampton do whatever in their power to truly transform your legal objectives into a reality. No matter what kind of criminal offence you are facing, Batish Law will step in and navigate you through the whirlpool of legal troubles.

Friendly and Compassionate Family Lawyer in Brampton

At Batish Law, we have a specialized department that comprises of well established and reliable family lawyers in Brampton, having years of extensive experience in tackling and resolving a wide assortment of family legal issues. Some of which may be prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, adoption, variation orders, assets division, spousal support, etc.

Disputes related to family law usually involve intense emotions, difficult decisions and tough negotiations. Our qualified lawyers understand that family-based legal conflicts can be extremely stressful for our clients. That is why we do our best to make you feel informed, confident and comfortable throughout the case.

Impaired Driving Lawyer in Brampton You Can Trust

The Criminal Code of Canada strictly prohibits driving or riding any vehicle when the rider/driver is under alcohol or drug influence. However, it is the responsibility of the Crown Attorney to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that alcohol or drug impaired your ability to drive a vehicle carefully.

Our team of experienced impaired driving lawyers in Brampton at Batish Law have been successfully defending clients who have faced impaired driving accusations for several years now. When you bring your case to us, we will make sure that the court looks into factors such as your physical movement, reaction time, judgment, motor skills, coordination and comprehension at the moment you got arrested.

Our Trustworthy Domestic Assault Lawyer in Brampton

Have you been charged with domestic assault accusations? It would be the first priority of our established domestic assault lawyers in Brampton to get the most reasonable result. Our proficient lawyers at Batish Law will explain the background that led to the charge in court.

We will try to get you released as soon as possible on bail. Once you are out, our legal team will sit with you in order to come up with solid defence strategies.

Experienced Sexual Assault lawyer in Brampton

There could hardly be any other crime that is as traumatizing or personal as sexual assault. That is the reason why Canadian law puts sexual assault amongst the most severe charges. At Batish Law, we completely understand how painful and difficult it would be for you to fight such cases.

We take no risks and provide you with the much-needed, matchless expertise of our sexual assault lawyers in Brampton. Fighting sexual assault cases is not easy, but we assure you that our team of lawyers will go to any legitimate lengths to get you the optimal outcomes.

Knowledgeable Drug lawyer in Brampton

Charged with the possession of ketamine, magic mushrooms, ecstasy, GHB, heroin, cocaine, hashish, marijuana or any other drug that is prohibited under the Canadian law? You definitely need the counsel of a drug lawyer in Brampton who has a proven record of defending such charges.

The experience and expertise that our lawyers at Batish Law developed by fighting drug cases on our client’s behalf with utmost dedication allow us to offer you the best defence possible. Our highly qualified lawyers are capable of protecting your rights when you face charges such as production, possession and trafficking of controlled substances.

Highly Proficient Child Custody lawyer in Brampton

When child custody and access are under consideration, the key factor that plays an integral role is the protection of your children’s best interests. The judge is not likely to take into account the preferences or needs of parents. Instead, children’s physical, emotional and educational needs will get the first priority.

At Batish law, our talented attorneys excel in parenting and child custody cases. Our child custody lawyers in Brampton value the significance of minimizing parental conflicts to curtail any negative effects on children.

Topnotch Youth Criminal Lawyer in Brampton

If your beloved child has been charged with a crime, it would be a difficult and frightening time for your whole family. Just like adults, children are also entitled to numerous legal privileges and rights under such circumstances. Therefore, you need a qualified and experienced lawyer that can make the most out of those privileges.

At Batish Law, our team of youth criminal lawyers in Brampton diligently strategize and stay very close to the accused child’s family. We have won multiple cases and you can always rely on us!

Respected Divorce lawyer in Brampton

When you are encountering the testing procedures of the collapse of your marriage, our
divorce lawyers in Brampton
at Batish Law offer you qualified and realistic legal advice which directly responds to your personal needs.

With years of experience in family law, our amazing attorneys can give you insightful advice regarding how divorce might impact various facets of your life in legal terms. We will devise a comprehensive legal strategy in an effort to make this entire process as smooth and stress free as possible.