Wills and Estates

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

- Benjamin Franklin

With everyday life being so busy, its no surprise that many people do not give much thought to estate planning. However, planning for the future is vital to ensure your loved ones are properly looked after. Whether you are single or married, young or elderly, proper organization of assets is essential to ensuring your estate is distributed in the most economical way possible.

If an individual passes without a will, their estate is distributed according to law. The way the law distributes property may not be the way you wish to have it allocated. This is particularly important if you have a non-traditional family model. Further, having a Power of Attorney can help you decide in advance who you would like to designate to make personal care or property decisions for you in the event you are unable to do so. You can also designate who you would like to take care of your children if need be.

It can be tempting to draft your own will using a will-kit or online resources. However, one must always contemplate the risks involved with such an option. If the interpretation of your will is contested, it can end up putting your loved ones through costly litigation. It is important to hire a competent and experienced lawyer to ensure that your life’s work will be distributed according to your wishes.

Let the lawyers at Batish Law help you plan for the future and give you piece of mind. Our lawyers are trained to create wills that reflect the unique needs and wishes of our clients.

Six Reasons You Need a Will:
  1. You can decide who will manage your estate
  2. You can appoint guardians for minor children
  3. You can choose your beneficiaries
  4. You can decide when and how much of your estate is given to your children
  5. You can save money on taxes and legal fees
  6. Your will may be out of date

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