Traffic Tickets

It is important to know how traffic tickets can impact your record. Many traffic tickets have demerit points, which can increase insurance rates. Further, overtime an accumulation of demerit points can result in a suspension of drivers license. More serious offences could lead to jail time. It is important to know the consequences of your ticket.

The lawyers at Batish Law can help you understand the charge against you and help you resolve the issue as efficiently as possible.

Six Reasons Why You Should Fight Your Traffic Ticket:
  1. The traffic ticket may contain errors
  2. You believe you are not guilty of the offence you are charged with
  3. All the elements of the offence cannot be proved against you
  4. Your license may be suspended due to the number of demerit points
  5. Increase of insurance rates
  6. Your job requires you to have a clean driving record

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